Loccitane Body Butter – Almond – Reviews


Loccitane Body Butter - Almond

Loccitane Body Butter – Almond – My First Loxitane Body Butter!

For a long time, I was indifferent to body oils, as well as to shower gels. But after trying the famous Loccitane Almond Shower Oil, my opinion changed dramatically. But if it has changed regarding Loccitane Almond Firming And Softening Supple Skin Oil, you will now find out.

Despite the fact that spring has already officially arrived, April pretends that it is not April at all! So it’s no surprise that my skin is dry again, requiring extra care that is directly related to Loccitane Emollient Body Oil.

Loccitane Body Butter - Almond

The scent of Loccitane Body Butter is very concentrated and seems sugary at first. But after a couple of minutes it becomes softer, and then completely evaporates, leaving behind a subtle almond aroma.

Unlike creams, the advantages of oil are that it is absorbed faster, and the presence of a dispenser makes the application process easier.

The question of how long it will last makes me think about months of use, since the consumption is minimal.

Almond softening body oil

Output: Once again, my “almond” did not disappoint and allowed me to enjoy both the use of Loccitane body oil – Almond, and its scent, which is so necessary on these far from spring days …

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