L’Occitane – divine oil and face cream Immortelle


LOccitane Immortelle Divine Cream7

I gave L’Occitane – the divine oil and face cream Immortelle to my mother for testing so that she could share her results on behalf of an older woman. What came of this, you will learn from the review.

For a month, my mother used two Loksitan products: L`Occitane Immortelle face cream and Immortelle divine oil.

How the L`Occitane Immortelle line appeared

If you google the word “Immortelle”, you will be convinced of the endlessly positive properties of this plant!

face cream L`Occitane Immortelle

In France it is called Immortelle. This is a fairly rare flower that continues to live its own life after being picked.

face cream L`Occitane Immortelle

There are several ways to extract the beneficial properties of a given plant. But only L’Occitane was able to extract the cell extract of the Immortelle using an extraction technology that cannot be obtained by distillation.

face cream L`Occitane Immortelle

And now about what we have in fact.

To begin with, I will say that my mother has a normal skin type, but closer to winter it becomes dry. Since she goes to the pool regularly, her skin is often irritated from contact with chlorinated water. Therefore, for her, it was important not only to moisturize, but also to relieve skin irritation.

Description of cream divine Immortelle L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Cream

L'Occitane Immortelle, Anti-Aging Line Loxitane Cream and Divine Immortelle Oil.  Reviews.  Photo.  Composition.


“The cream has a fairly light and quickly absorbed texture.

After a while, the irritation disappears and the face looks fresh and rested, I have not seen such a quick result from using my usual face cream.

L'Occitane Immortelle, Anti-Aging Line Loxitane Cream and Divine Immortelle Oil.  Reviews.  Photo.  Composition.

I did not notice changes in the reduction of wrinkles, I will not say that the skin has become more taut, but at my age, it seems to me, these problems will no longer be solved by using one cream. Therefore, it is enough for me that he takes care of the skin of the face and cope with his tasks ”.

Divine Oil Immortelle

divine oil Immortelle

“Despite the small amount of lotion, the consumption is minimal.

It is worth noting the incredible smell, or rather the aroma, which seems to envelop the face.

divine oil Immortelle

I use it separately from the cream before going to bed, and in the morning I get the result in the form of a healthy complexion.

Output: if I choose between these two L’Occitane products, then I would prefer the cream, simply because it is more familiar to use and easier to travel. ”

Such was the brief, but succinct, review of my mother, whom I had long ago “hooked” on the Loksitan brand.