29 August 2021

Foundation L'Oreal Paris Alliance Perfect

When it comes to L’Oreal foundation, every time I come across certain features that the manufacturer is silent about. And the L’Oreal Paris Alliance Perfect foundation is no exception.

So, the manufacturer promises flawless coverage without visible borders and complete fusion with skin color without mask effect.

Foundation L'Oreal Paris Alliance Perfect

What we have.

Since all 4 shades were sent to me for review, I was able to conduct an experiment on my friends.

Foundation L'Oreal Paris Alliance Perfect

The participants were categorized by skin type: dry, normal, and oily.

Dry skin type

I myself acted as the owner of dry skin. Therefore, I can say with 100% certainty that the cream is not suitable for dry skin types.

It has a powdery texture rather than a creamy texture that appears immediately after applying the cream.

  • As a result, the L’Oreal Paris Alliance Perfect foundation emphasizes all possible flaking, and the lack of moisture only aggravates its appearance. And if the manufacturer mentioned this fact, then negative reviews on the Internet have decreased by 50%.

Normal skin type

The second participant, as the owner of normal skin, was the most fortunate.

  • The cream hid minor imperfections, but it did not cope with masking several pimples. True, a dense layer solved this problem, but with the appearance of a mask effect on the face.

Oily skin type

And the last candidate with an oily skin type turned out to be not the easiest one due to the inappropriate behavior of the cream.

At first, everything went well – the cream was not noticeable, there were no problems with application, and even matting of the skin made me rejoice ahead of time.

  • But after a while, the skin began to shine strongly. That is, matting lasted for several hours. Therefore, the next day we applied a matting base and this problem manifested itself much later and without frank shine, as on the first day of use.

True, if the skin is not just prone to oily content, but very oily, then even the base will not solve this problem.


  • If you have dry skin, then you won’t even consider buying this cream. It was not meant for her!
  • The base will be ideal in all respects for the owners of normal skin type. But tell me which foundation is not suitable for normal skin?
  • But for oily, it is suitable, but in the presence of a matting base.

As for the shades, they are in front of you.

Tone cream

Left to right: N1.5-Ivory Beige; N2-Vanille; N3-Beige Creme; N4-Beige

Overall, the perfect shine series turned out to be less perfect. Indeed, in order to achieve it, it is worth considering not only your skin type, but also its features. And this makes you think once again about the purchase.

How do you like the L’Oreal Paris Alliance Perfect foundation? Was it perfect for you?