29 August 2021

Makeup Brushes Real Techniques

Despite the large number of reviews on the blog about Real Techniques brushes, many are asking which Real Techniques makeup brushes are worth buying and which are not. Therefore, I will show you the TOP 5 best brushes in my opinion.

Makeup Brushes Real Techniques

Real Techniques Buffing Brush

Makeup Brushes Real Techniques

One of my all-time favorite foundation brushes. I love the speed, which does not affect the quality of the makeup. Shades the foundation quickly without wasting precious time in the morning.

And if I have little time on the set and need a perfectly even applied tone, then it will definitely be the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. Its shape allows you to evenly apply the base, and the pile makes it possible to accurately distribute it.

Real Techniques Accent Brush

Makeup Brushes Real Techniques

The smallest of all my brushes and the most comfortable to use. I use it to work out the lower eyelid. If you have small eyes or are afraid to overdo it with line thickness, then she won’t let that happen!

Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush

Makeup Brushes Real Techniques

I use it to apply concealer. It so happened that I work with her much more often than with special brushes for applying concealer. Its flat shape is well suited for this purpose.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush

Stippling Brush

Choking a toad to buy an entire set of The Core Collection for one Buffing Brush, which was discussed at the very beginning? This brush is a great alternative. But if I choose between Buffing Brush and it, then I would choose the first – Buffing Brush.

Real Techniques Blush Brush

Blush Brush

I’m willing to give all the blush brushes I have for her. And I have a lot of them, believe me! She is great at picking up and blending blush no matter how well or poorly pigmented.

Unfortunately, Sam + Nic Chapman is not yet considering selling all of their brushes individually, but in vain. After all, most of the kits are poorly composed. But even that we are ready to forgive them, because Real Techniques makeup brushes cost ridiculous money for their quality.

What are your favorite Real Techniques brushes?