Makeup with Lorac Pro Palette 2


makeup with Lorac Pro Palette 2

I wonder what makeup can be with Lorac Pro Palette 2, when inside there are basic shades for every day – I thought and that’s what I did!

If we take a close look at the palette and study the colors, then makeup with Lorac Pro Palette 2 may seem predictable, but not with me! As soon as the brush touched the two shades used in today’s tutorial, the makeup became less predictable.

Step by step makeup with Lorac Pro Palette 2

First, apply the blue shade “NAVY” in the crease of the eyelid with shading to the temples. We build a shape with an open eye, so as not to accidentally take the shading higher than it should be.

makeup with Lorac Pro Palette 2

Then apply “ROSE” to the entire movable eyelid with a flat brush. It is very important at this stage not to be mistaken with the choice of a brush. Its shape will determine how tightly the shadows will fall.

Applying shadows

The lower eyelid is drawn in the same color as at the very beginning of “NAVY”.

makeup with Lorac Pro Palette 2

The essence of this makeup is in a mirror image – the lower eyelid repeats the pattern of the upper, but in the opposite direction.

makeup with Lorac Pro Palette 2

You can consider this as a daytime option if you replace “NAVY” with matte “COOL GRAY” or pearlescent “COCOA”. In general, do not forget that your task is to grasp the principle, and you can always use other colors.

Eye makeup

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makeup with Lorac Pro Palette 2