29 August 2021


The Melvita brand has come across to me more than once in miniature format Glamboxes. I used them all to one. And there are reasons for this.

Flower water “Rose” Melvita eau florale de rose

 Flower water "the Rose" Melvita

I have been familiar with this water for over a year, so my opinion has long been formed as a pleasant consistency that really moisturizes the skin.

But I don’t really like the fact that it has a rich rose scent. Although I know those who buy it for this reason alone. In general, it is this water that is considered the bestseller of the Melvita brand.

Extraordinary water “Orange Flowers” Melvita Eau extraordinaire Fleur d’oranger

Extraordinary water

When I came across a miniature “Orange Flowers” in a GreenBOX, I did not immediately appreciate its effect. And all because I applied an excessive amount of the product, which was absorbed for a very long time and left an unpleasant feeling of clammy skin.

And this happened due to the unusual watery-gel texture. She needs nothing at all to distribute the product all over her face! Then it is instantly absorbed and there is no sticky feeling.

Melvita Floral Bouquet Cleansing Foam

Cleansing Foam for Washing

Surprisingly, the foam has a very light texture and does not dry out the skin at all. True, those who evaluate the foam by the depth of cleansing should not count on it, since it is a very light and superficial cleansing.

Melvita Bouquet Floral Démaquillant Yeux Bi-Phase Two-Phase Eye Makeup Remover

Two Phase Eye Makeup Remover

The only remedy rarely discussed if at all discussed is a makeup remover emulsion. It so happened that every second person knows about Melvita flower water, but not about the emulsion. And this suggests that something is wrong with her …

When removing eye makeup, or rather gel eyeliner and mascara, the emulsion did a great job! I will say right away that not all liquids cope with a gel liner as quickly and easily as this one. And most likely because the manufacturer renounces the removal of waterproof makeup. But since I do not use waterproof cosmetics, I could not verify this.

Output: in general, the brand left a positive impression. None of the products caused allergies, which is very important for me. Perhaps that is why Melvita positions itself as an organic cosmetics brand.

How do you feel about the funds listed? And who are the favorites?