NailLook nail polish – reviews and photos



Again, I want to show you the budget nail polish NailLook, which has one, but an important feature.

The first shade of NailLook is 30331.

Black color

Classic black lacquer with a glossy finish. Color obliges you not only to perfect manicure, but also to perfect coloring. Alas, this color does not forgive mistakes and any error will be striking!


A brush that allows the varnish to be applied evenly, which is very important when it comes to such dark shades.


And here is the color itself.

NailLook nail polish

As I said – pure black, no different from MAC Cosmetics varnish, except for the price.

NailLook nail polish

A second shade of NailLook in 30328 Wild Orchid.

Nail Look

It is identical to black varnish in application, drying and evenness of coating: it does not strip, lays down without bald spots, dries quickly.


This color will be appreciated by lovers of classic pink.


If there was no gloss, then the color would not look advantageous.

NailLook nail polish

And so it attracts attention and also requires careful application. Anyway, any color of varnish will look good on well-groomed hands.

NailLook nail polish

Output: Both NailLook shades have an incredible gloss that usually distinguishes luxury varnishes from the mainstream. Here, the same gloss that allows you to forget about the top and the three layers.