29 August 2021

Nars Cosmetics brand story

Everyone knows the names of such famous models as Christy, Cindy, Linda, Naomi. And only a few are aware of the secret behind which stood a man named Francois Nars – the founder of the Nars Cosmetics brand.

As a make-up artist, he is still in demand. He is loved for his ability to correctly and competently place accents in makeup. But who would have thought that his history of the cosmetics company Nars Cosmetics began in the South of France.

Childhood Francois Nars

He was too timid and modest. These qualities he inherited from his father, who was accustomed to physical labor and was not open to reasoning about life. He was a simple worker who worked hard in his own meat factory.

But François turned out to be the boy who was called “not of the world of everything.” He was striving for something more …

Francois Nars

And the first to feel these aspirations was his mother. It was she who changed his fate, going to the city to the then young Yves Saint Laurent, asking to take him as an assistant.

Francois Nars

The beginning of a makeup artist career

And so it happened, François quickly became imbued with the beauty and chic of catwalk makeup, where he had to work with 10 more makeup artists like him.

Time passed, the circle of friends and acquaintances became wider, and this meant the emergence of new connections and opportunities. So, one day he received a call from Polly Mellen, the editor of Vogue:

Francois Nars

François easily went to New York and after that he never regretted this quick decision! It was there that he managed to realize himself before, as a make-up artist who loved to take risks.

So, at the Anna Sui show in 1992, he decided to shave off the model’s eyebrows!

Subsequent collaboration with renowned photographer Steven Meisel and equally renowned hairdresser Oribe Canales bore fruit.

Nars Cosmetics brand story

They brought their ideas to life and made a triumph in the fashion and gloss industries.

Nars Cosmetics brand story

Vogue Italia, July / August 1990

make-up: François Nars

The emergence of the brand of cosmetics Nars Cosmetics

Inspired by his success, he wastes no time and decides to launch his own line of NARS make-up cosmetics. It was 1994.

The brand immediately attracts attention with its laconic design and the appearance of 12 lipstick shades!

Francois Nars

After a while, the full composition of Nars Cosmetics make-up cosmetics appears.

Nars Cosmetics brand story

The first advertising campaign was completely filmed by himself. Since then, he no longer lets go of the camera and is fond of photography seriously and for a long time. Which led to the writing of 4 books on photography.

Nars Cosmetics brand story

After 10 years, François returns to the podium to become the best of the best again!

Francois Nars

He created about 65 makeup options for the Marc Jacobs show. His work was discussed in glossy magazines for a very long time. After all, it was a tandem of two geniuses who knew their job very well!

Until now, his name is on the lips of famous makeup artists and editors of glossy magazines. He managed not only to realize his dreams, but also to do something more – to become a photographer, writer and artistic director, created by himself, Nars brands

Here is such a touching, a bit fabulous, but true story of one cosmetic company Nars Cosmetics.