Shadow Shields – makeup discs – reviews and photos


Shadow Shields Makeup Pads

Shadow Shields is a novelty that makeup artists have already appreciated. Ordinary users just look at her, not fully understanding what these makeup disks are for.

What is Shadow Shields

These are disposable makeup pads, whose task is to protect the area under the eyes from crumbling shadows.

  • Bloggers are increasingly using them to create an even edge in feathering shadows, which makes the discs multifunctional.

Includes 30 makeup pads, read 15 pairs. They have a convenient shape for fixing on the supra-zygomatic region and lower eyelids.

How to use Shadow Shields makeup discs

  • Free some of the disc from the protective film
  • Paste under the eyes
  • Do your makeup and peel off the discs gently

Before the first use, it is advisable to remove the top sticky layer through the hand, otherwise peeling off may be painful.

Shadow Shields Makeup Pads

On one side of the sheet, there is a thin embossed paper resembling a napkin, and on the other there is glue. Everything is simple and trite, but in fact it is effective.

Shadow Shields Makeup Pads

This is how I use Shadow Shields in my work when dealing with loose textures: pigments, glitters, shimmery shadows …

Shadow Shields Makeup Pads

What are the advantages of makeup discs

  • saving time
  • no need to use ordinary napkins
  • convenient as a stencil

I already talked about using scotch tape as a stencilso I wouldn’t buy Shadow Shields just for that purpose. Firstly, it is too expensive, and secondly, scotch tape is no worse.

But if you need a solution to the problem of crumbling shadows and do not accept the usual wipes that you have to keep under the eyes during application, then this is what you need!

Price: £ 7.50

How important are makeup discs in your opinion?