What women want for the New Year: TOP-5 gifts


What women want for the New Year

This week the most requested phrase on the Internet was: “What to give a woman for the New Year?”.

It is to this question that I will answer today by offering you the TOP-5 options, one of which you can buy at any nearest cosmetic store. If the gift turns out to be inappropriate and unwanted, then you can safely say: “All questions to Ola Blik!”

So, the first gift is addressed to those who do not let go of makeup brushes. They will appreciate the two most delicate Shiseido brushes. One powder brush – Shiseido Powder Brush, and another for applying blush – Shiseido Blush Brush # 2.

What women want for the New Year

Lovers of luxury will be delighted with the second gift!

This is exactly what the palette for face and eye makeup is. Guerlain Petrouchka Eye & Blush Palette

palette for face and eye makeup

If your girlfriend / wife / sister / mom unexpectedly cut their curls this year, then believe me, they will appreciate uStyler Etc Philips ProCare HP8634… This is the best styling tool for short hair!

Styler brush Philips ProCare HP8634

The next option for those who cannot live without body care cosmetics! Ideal in this category would be a series L`Occitane en Provence Arlesienne.

What women want for the New Year

The final gift will be a Christmas set from the collection MAC Objects of Affection Holiday 2014 Makeup Collection consisting of 4 pigments and one glitter. It was this that I bought last year before the New Year, as I talked about here.

What women want for the New Year

Conclusion: if you want to be in the role of Mel Gibson from the movie “What Women Want” on New Year’s Eve, then you have such an opportunity. Don’t miss it!)