29 August 2021

Which cosmetics company is the best in the world?

Very often you ask me the same question: Ol, what is the best cosmetics company in the world? And today I will answer it to save you from speculation and guesswork!

There is no best cosmetics company in the world! There are only the best products from different brands.

It so happened that each cosmetic brand has its own must-haves and outsiders.… And you cannot argue with that. I have not come across a single brand of cosmetics with an impeccable line of products, in which there is not a single bad product.

You have already seen in my blog more than once both negative and positive reviews for the same cosmetics companies.: Chanel, Sisley, Dior, Givenchy, Nars, Shiseido, Vichy, Pupa, Mac, Huda Beauty …

All this I mean is that you should not turn away from all the products of the brand, in which 1-2 products disappointed you… Trust my experience, it’s not about the brand itself, but about the choice of the means that they offer us.

Which cosmetics company is the best in the world?

As an example, I will cite the famous cosmetics brand Loreal.

When they released the new L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Blackbuster, everyone expected the same result as from L’Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim. But at the very first application, it became clear to everyone that these were absolutely two liners of different quality.

I still believe that Super Liner Perfect Slim is superior in quality to luxury liners and I recommend only it to everyone, but at the same time I advise you to bypass the Super Liner Blackbuster.

Here is a prime example of how the same brand offers two different quality products.

Which cosmetics company is the best in the world?

Another example is the limited edition MAC Hello Kitty Collection. There was incredible excitement around her!

What was my surprise when I saw the terrible quality eye shadow MAC Eye Palette Hello Kitty. As if they were cheap Chinese shadows. And this despite the fact that the MAC has excellent shade quality from the base line.

I am sure that you can remember such examples from your own experience.

Now, here are a few facts worth knowing.

  • If a makeup artist’s set consists of completely different brands, this only means that he understands cosmetics.
  • Today there is no cosmetic company that has absolutely all products of the same good quality.
  • Look for highly specialized professional cosmetics brands. For example, Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow products, Hakuhodo makeup brushes, Lit Cosmetics eye glitters, etc. They have a quality guarantee.

Don’t lose sight of limited edition collections. Some of them are superior to the quality of the basic tools, though not always.Brand name


One bad purchase shouldn’t be the deciding factor in your relationship with a cosmetics company. Take your time to shield yourself from the brand after one failed purchase. Give him a second chance, maybe a third. Only then can you draw certain conclusions.