Who to subscribe to on Instagram: boring accounts


Who to subscribe to on Instagram

Sit for hours on Instagram looking for inspiration or just wondering: who to subscribe to on Instagram? I have a couple of cool accounts for you that you definitely won’t want to unsubscribe from!

Personally, I am absolutely not interested in the life of celebrities – what they ate, who they met, how well or badly they slept. I’m only interested in their creative side. Therefore, I am in constant search of those who inspire, make me smile and give me a good mood!

Who to subscribe to on Instagram

#Cute comes first virgola_

I do not perceive this page as an illustrator’s page. For me, this is the life of one girl who lives in her own world …

Who to subscribe to on Instagram

In second place is #flight_fantasies lovelimzy

Flowers in any form … amazing fantasy that you want to borrow!


In third place is #nutomania mokassarart

In life, I am indifferent to nuts, but not in this account.


On the fourth #funny_radi gizlibisey

Unusual vision of ordinary things.

Who to subscribe to on Instagram

In fifth place # coffee man livscreams

When you look at these drawings, it is as if you smell coffee …


In sixth place # eat_me sandravandenbroek

Food also has an appetite-awakening sense of humor!

Who to subscribe to on Instagram

In seventh place is #lucky_with_soul artclaytion

Incredible paintings created with regular nail polish on water!

Who to subscribe to on Instagram

In eighth place #floral_fashion grace_ciao

Well, what designer can create a cauliflower dress?

Who to subscribe to on Instagram

In ninth place is # delicious foodmakesfuns

How to get a child to eat far from tasty, but very healthy food!


And in the last place #cat_so_your_me idraw_on_cats

On Instagram, you can find an original approach even to such a banal topic as cats.


And whoever subscribed to me on Instagram, he probably already saw my subscriptions and managed to evaluate them, and if not, then subscribe, suddenly tomorrow I will find another creative person!)