SigmaSpa Brush Cleaning Glove – a mitten for washing brushes


SigmaSpa Brush Cleaning Glove

“Uniqueness and originality are an integral part of success.” It is these two qualities that Sigma manufacturers tried to put into the creation of the SigmaSpa Brush Cleaning Glove. And I just have to tell and show you what is the uniqueness and originality of the Sigma mittens.

I didn’t originally count on the SigmaSpa Brush Cleaning Glove. Such “creatures” often turn out to be unfinished, which you find more minuses than pluses.

But already when I opened the mittens from the package, I was surprised by its size. This is a full-fledged mitten that will “fit” both a woman’s and a man’s hand.

SigmaSpa Brush Cleaning Glove

Inside the mitten there is another “inner” one for the general comfort of the hand, which is very convenient, and most importantly, pleasant.

Mitten for washing brushes Sigma

Now let’s move on to the analysis of the surfaces on which the cleanliness of the brushes depends.

How the SigmaSpa Brush Cleaning Glove works

There are 5 branches in total, which differ in pattern and texture.

3 of them are for the eyes: WASH, RINSE, REFINE

2 surfaces on the back for the face: RINSE, SHAPE

SigmaSpa Brush Cleaning Glove

They are very easy to distinguish both by the size of the textures and by the name on the mitten on both sides: Face and Eyes.

Taking the mitten in my hands, I immediately started cleaning the brushes after the next shoot.

Some of them were stained with black eyeshadow and pigments, which required thorough washing. But when I placed the brush in the RINSE compartment – for deep cleaning, literally in 5 seconds the brush became snow-white!

Usually it took me longer, as I could not completely get rid of the black shadows on the white bristle brush. In the same department, I decided to wash the brushes from the foundation, which the mitten coped with quickly and efficiently.

As a result, I loved the RINSE surface the most. It copes well with any lint and cleaning it!

Other compartments are more gentle and I use them for squirrel bristle brushes where a delicate rather than rough surface is required.

Mitten for washing brushes Sigma

About SHAPE – wringing out the brushes, I can’t say anything good. This method is only suitable for foundation brushes.

Others change shape, becoming “striped”, which is not good. If they made this separation without coarse stripes, then she could squeeze any brushes without changing their shape. Perhaps this is the only drawback that you can put up with.

Mitten for washing brushes Sigma

Price: 35 $

Sigma has managed to create a unique product. And most importantly, it is useful both for makeup artists and for amateurs, without which we have not lived well all these years.

How do you like this way of cleaning brushes with the SigmaSpa Brush Cleaning Glove?