30 August 2021

Worst Eyeshadow Blending Brush

This is what the worst eyeshadow brush looks like – nasty, moody and sassy!

And if you’ve wondered why shading doesn’t work out, don’t rush to blame yourself. Perhaps you are using the wrong brush and will breathe a sigh of relief when you see it on the list of the worst brushes.

Worst Eyeshadow Blending Brush:

1. Brush MAC 224 Tapered Blending Brush

Worst Blending Eyeshadow Brush - MAC 224 Tapered Blending Brush

The form

The brush is not suitable for blending shadows, as it is much larger in shape than the MAC 217 Blending Brush, which makes it less versatile!

Application area:

The brush itself was originally intended for shading shadows, but its shape does not allow this, since it spreads over the eyelid. The pile is not tightly typed, which makes it awkward. Therefore, I use it exclusively for applying highlighter.

  • The pile is natural. Climbs, pricks, but does not lose its shape.
  • Set price: 1.560 rubles.
  • Conclusion: another disappointment for 1.560 rubles. How after that brushes Hakuhodo can be considered expensive?

2. Brush MAC 234 Split Fiber Eye Blending Brush from the limited collection Semi-Precious Brushes

Worst MAC Blending Brush 234 Split Fiber Eye Blending Brush

The form

I absolutely didn’t like its shape. The problem is that the pile is not narrowed to the tip of the brush, so the shading is rough.

Application area

Double-sided brush, one side made of natural bristles for applying shadows, the other side made of synthetic bristles for blending. Sounds original, but actually not effective. As already mentioned, the problem is in the pile, which was ignored by the manufacturers. The MAC 217 does the job much better!

  • Pile-artificial
  • The brush has not lost its shape, the pile does not climb.
  • Price: 1.400 rub.
  • Conclusion: I don’t see any need for this brush.

3. Brush Sigma E25 – Blending

Worst Sigma Eyeshadow Blending Brush E25 - Blending

The form:

In the beginning, the brush coped with its task, and after 3 weeks it began to fade, read, climb. In general, she felt very bad and I left her alone.

Application area:

Many people compare it to the MAC 217, and don’t even think about it, look at the 3 year old MAC brush and this poor guy! The difference is significant. Perhaps it will last longer with you than with me, since the frequency of use in my work is many times greater, but this is a matter of time.

  • Pile-natural
  • The brush does not prick, but climbs and loses its shape over time.
  • Price: 12 $
  • Conclusion: the case when cheap is not equal to quality.

4. Sigma E40 Blending Brush

Sigma E40 Blending Brush

The form

The shape of the brush, well, is not suitable for shading shadows. She’s just huge! It is not clear what shape of the eyes you need to have in order for it to match them ?!

Application area

The brush is exclusively for other purposes, for example for applying the same highlighter! It is a pity that they overdid it with the size of the pile, as the brush could well be suitable for eye makeup.

  • Pile – artificial
  • A little harsh, spreads over the eyelid and climbs when washing.
  • Price: 14 $
  • Takeaway: If you need a highlighter brush, this is fine.

5. Real Techniques Starter Set Deluxe Crease Brush

Real Techniques Starter Set Deluxe Crease Brush

The form

The pile of the brush is so tightly gathered that it interferes with the shading of the shadows. It is not clear for what purpose it was created, since at first glance it is clear that it is clearly intended for other tasks!

Application area

I use it to apply and blend creamy eyeshadow, the brush does a great job with this texture!

  • Pile – synthetics
  • You won’t surprise anyone with Real Techniques’ branded pile. Does not prick and does not climb.
  • Price per set: ÂŁ 17

Output: I believe that all brushes are capable of something, but the question of the quality and purpose of brushes should be decided at the production stage, and not after the release of collections and sets.

What’s the worst makeup brush you have?