18 August 2021

Baby Boomer – manicure for real ladies. Delicate and unobtrusive, it attracts attention with its sophistication and elegance. Taking a confident position among nude designs, it looks noble and graceful on both short and long nails.

Baby boomer is a combination of classic French manicure with gradient coloring so beloved by many. At the same time, such nail art looks fresh and much more relevant than the usual “jacket”. The main advantage of such a manicure is maximum naturalness and naturalness.

A key feature of the baby boomer design is a very smooth transition from the white free edge of the nail to the socket. However, white is not at all a mandatory requirement. Other nude pastel shades will be appropriate – beige, peach, pale pink.

This design goes well with any nail shape. In addition, if desired, it is allowed to add a small accent – restrained painting, rhinestones, sequins, unobtrusive prints and other decor.

You can perform a baby boomer manicure using different techniques: shading borders with a brush, aeroproofing, using an airbrush. Moreover, with the correct execution of the desired result, it will be possible to achieve both using ordinary varnishes and gel varnishes.

If nude manicure designs are your thing, be sure to try baby boomer. With it, your hands will look neat, well-groomed and at the same time as natural as possible. Well, all the necessary materials to complete this fashionable design can be found in our catalog

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