18 August 2021

Fashion trends in the field of nail art in the form of a marble effect and original patterns make it possible to bring the so-called water manicure to life. This is a relatively uncomplicated and affordable technology that does not require a lot of cost and skill, which can be done at home. This opportunity will make you feel like an artist, creating original and unusual designs on the nails, complementing and decorating the female image. The variety of drawings and patterns that can be done without special skills is simply mesmerizing and impressive.

What is a water-based manicure? Its features and advantages

A water-based manicure is performed based on several shades of varnish or gel varnish by dissolving and mixing them on the surface of the water. In this way, you can perform the most intricate designs on the nail plate with the effects of spirals, streaks, stains, unusual stripes, floral motifs and more. Such a coating is often called “marble”, as it very clearly imitates the structure of natural stone.

The main advantages of water manicure include:

  • Versatility, as it suits nails of any shape and length, perfectly complements women’s images of different styles;
  • The simplicity of the application technique, for the implementation of which there is no need to go to the salon, it is available to implement it at home;
  • A variety of designs, the ability to bring to life the most intricate ideas, imaginations and fantasies;
  • Profitability, low costs in materials and efforts, the coating is applied with a ready-made design in a very thin layer.

How to do a water manicure and what is needed for this?

To perform marble nail art, you should first prepare for this process, armed with the necessary materials and tools. You should also think over the design in advance, and above all its color palette. Indeed, the greatest role in the beauty and effectiveness of this coating is played by the correct choice of combined shades, which can have smooth or contrasting transitions.

To carry out the technology, it is necessary to prepare:

Choosing the right gel polishes

The quality of the performed water manicure primarily depends on the correctly selected gel polish in several shades. It is recommended to use from 2 to 4 colors, which are interestingly combined with each other. To create a design, the image is formed directly on the water surface, and it is applied to the nail plate by lowering the marigold onto the drawing. Therefore, it is very important that the gel polish is fresh with a liquid consistency. It is necessary to use shades of the same manufacturer, since the coatings of different brands differ in composition, which can simply ruin the coating.

How to do a water manicure at home?

Most of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity prefer to go to beauty salons and trust only professional manicure masters, since they do not want to risk and waste their time. How to choose a good and experienced craftsman who is able to realize any of your wishes can be found here. But many women, in order to save money, do a number of beauty and care procedures at home.

Let’s take a closer look at how to make a water manicure at home. This process consists of a sequence of the following main stages:

  • Preparation of marigolds. It is necessary to do a manicure, remove the cuticle, give the nail plate the desired shape and length using files, treat its surface with a buff and degreaser.
  • Treatment of the cuticle area. So that the pigment does not enter the skin around the nail plate, the cuticle area should be gently treated with a fat cream without touching the nail plate. You can also seal it with tape or duct tape.
  • Base coat application. As a rule, the base is transparent, it is applied in one layer and dried in a lamp corresponding to the composition and technology.
  • Creation of a design drawing. In advance, you should prepare a container with water, on the surface of which gel varnishes of the selected colors are alternately dripped, the next shade drips into the center of the previous one. With the help of a needle or a toothpick, the desired pattern is created from the drops, connecting pigments together or spreading them in different directions. The possibilities and imaginations are endless here.
  • Application of the design to the surface of the nail. For high-quality transfer of the pattern to the nail plate, the nail should be dipped strictly parallel and without sudden movements into the colorful spot. Hard-to-reach places should be carefully corrected with a toothpick right in the water or after removing the finger.
  • Drying design. After the drawing is transferred to the nail, you should remove excess gel and cream from the skin around it. This procedure is done with each finger, the applied design is dried in a lamp in accordance with the technology. You can get acquainted here.
  • Fastening with top coating. After the original image is applied to each nail, it must be fixed with a coating, which is also dried in a lamp.

Basic tips for creating a beautiful and long-lasting water-based manicure

You followed all of the above steps, but the expected design did not work out and you are not very happy with its quality? Let’s see why water manicure does not work and what tips should be followed in order to achieve the desired results.

The main points due to which such problems and difficulties can arise:

  • Curling or spreading of colored droplets. The reason may be insufficient water temperature (room temperature is recommended and up to + 40C) or a thick consistency of gel varnishes. Check the water temperature and replace the coating material if necessary.
  • The droplet drowns in water. Gel polish should be dripped from a distance of no more than 2 centimeters from the water, so the film for the drawing will be formed of the required thickness without sinking under the water.
  • The difference between the pattern on the nails. Here you only need practice, over time everyone will be able to learn how to withstand drawing and style on the water. But even if initially it turns out not quite perfect, a different design on the nails made in the same color scheme will also look very interesting.
  • The coating is not worn for long. If the applied design simply “flew off” the nail very quickly, then during the procedure of its application, a greasy cream got on the coated surface, which protected the skin in the cuticle area.

Having mastered and tried all the subtleties on yourself, over time, this nail art technology will turn out perfectly for you. In order for the resulting spectacular manicure coating to be worn for as long as possible, it should be properly looked after. You can read about it here.

Several spectacular water manicure ideas

Fabulous malachite

An exquisite design that looks spectacular and expensive, as it imitates a precious stone. It is based on gel polish of green, turquoise and emerald shades, which are applied in large drops to the surface of the water. Above, you can shade a little with gold, contrasting white or dark tone.

Magical cosmic effect

Unusual nail art that looks magical and simply mesmerizes with its depth. The base is the classic black color, effectively decorated with shimmering shades of blue, turquoise and orange. A whole universe is displayed on each marigold, with its own secrets and riddles.

Bright summer stripes

Summer bright design, combining such juicy colors as blue, red, yellow, orange, which are gently set off by a drop of white. Each shade is applied in large drops one after another to the water, forming a pattern in stripes. This coating looks very positive, harmonizing favorably with a colorful summer wardrobe.

Delicate marble turquoise

A sophisticated and delicate nail art displaying the deep texture of natural turquoise. Smooth transitions of shades of blue, turquoise, purple and white imitate the marble pattern of the stone. This design looks very stylish and expensive on the nails, it is perfect for various looks.

Deep and passionate burgundy

Spectacular and rich nail art, which exudes a special charm, passion and strength. The original transitions of burgundy, red and black shades are favorably set off with strokes of white, which gives the coating a contrast. This design will favorably complement the image of a domineering and self-confident woman.