Correction of extended nails – features and stages


The extended nails are very comfortable for everyday life. Unlike gel polish, they do not require constant removal and application of a new product. There is no point in removing extended nails, because they can be corrected.

Although the modeling material is able to stay on the nails for more than a month, experts recommend doing the update later than 3 weeks. This way you will preserve the integrity of your artificial nails and your hands will always look neat.

What materials are needed to correct extended nails?

All you need for nail extension is:

  1. Nail Prep and lint-free wipes;
  2. file for artificial nails with an abrasiveness of 150/180 Grit;
  3. dehydrator (aka ultrabond);
  4. primer;
  5. basic coverage;
  6. gel brush;
  7. forms for building;
  8. depending on whether it will be a correction of acrylic or gel nails, acrylic itself or modeling gel;
  9. top coating;
  10. Cleanser tool.

How is the correction of gel nails: step by step instructions

Before starting work, make sure that the surface, tools and hands are disinfected.

  1. Remove oily sheen and dust with lint-free wipes and Nail Prep. Do not use ordinary napkins, because they leave fluff, which negatively affects further processes.
  2. Since during wear, the extended nails are sharpened, and the plate grows back, the shape must be corrected. The appearance of chips is not excluded, they must be sharpened and the missing space filled with fresh material. Use a hard file to fix the situation. Do not forget to buff the surface with a buff. Wipe off the dust with the above “Nail Prep”.
  3. Pull back cuticles, pterygium and burrs and gently remove them with a special tool or tools.
  4. Apply a dehydrator to the regrown area to remove the natural fat that our body produces.
  5. Then apply a primer to ensure a secure adhesion of the artificial material to the natural nail plate.
  6. Use a top coat to prepare and protect the natural area. Dry the material in the lamp. For a UV device, 120 s is enough, for a LED + CCFL lamp 60 s, and for a UV / LED device only 30 s.
  7. Use the forms for building and start correcting the extended nails with gel. It is best to use a modeling brush. Make sure that the coating is even and symmetrical. Lamp dry twice as long as basecoat. Then, remove the extension forms and correct the shape with an artificial nail file. Wipe off excess dust with lint-free wipes and (Neil Prep).
  8. If the material is transparent, add a color coating – gel polish. Dry in a manicure lamp as much as the base.
  9. Fix the result with a top coat. The product also needs polymerization. Time is similar to the situation with gel polish and top.
  10. Remove the dispersion (sticky) layer with a degreaser. This tool is called “Cleanser”.

Please note that if your gel is single-phase, application of top, gel polish and base is not required.

Pay attention to the manicure lamp. To cope with the modeling gel, its power must be from 36 watts.

Where to buy materials for the correction of extended nails?

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