18 August 2021

Many masters still do not like french

I really love. And I know what it takes to make it as simple as possible. ⠀

Today we will talk about perfect white, and if you are interested, then we will continue the topic in the next posts. ⠀

So: ⠀

1. We need a super dense single layer white. ⠀

If we paint a jacket on simulated or gel-strengthened nails, then you can use gel paint, it is ideal for a jacket with both density and density. ⠀

But if you covered / strengthened with gel polish, then we paint the jacket only with gel polish, the gel paint will chip off from it. ⠀

Sometimes you can mix gel paint with gel polish, thereby getting something in between. But such experiments with your own materials are best done on yourself first. ⠀

If white is applied tightly only in a thick layer, our jacket will be too bulky compared to the nail bed, and we will have to fill this difference with a large top volume, turning the nail into a thick bun. In addition, yellowness may appear in the places of the greatest accumulation of tops. ⠀

2. As for the density, this question will disappear if the white is covered with a very thin layer. But if the liquid gel polish has to be coated with a thick layer, it will spread. It is better then not to start at all – there is a chance to hate the jacket. ⠀

Liquid gel polishes are best avoided altogether. ⠀

I prefer to have a separate white for the jacket and a separate one for covering the entire nail. Because the creamy texture of gel polish is more convenient for covering, and for the jacket the texture of the correcting putty is ideal. ⠀

For example, some brands have already taken care of us, and produce several different whites in their lines. ⠀

For example ⠀

RockNail 102 Ultra White whiter and denser than 103 Simple White

MiLK 100 Pure White denser than 101 Snowflakes (there are almost no differences in color) ⠀

Lovely white F07 is in the line of french from UNO

Still have questions? Ask) ⠀

I will answer with pleasure☺️