Hardware manicure is one of the most popular and effective techniques. Carried out with the help of a special router allows you to quickly and easily put in order even the most unkempt handles.

The possibilities of milling attachments are very wide. They allow you to remove overgrown cuticles, smooth the surface of the nail, sand and give it a soft natural shine, remove gel polish or extended nails without soaking.

Performed by a skilled craftsman, hardware technology is the least traumatic procedure that is carried out “dry” without the use of cutting tools. Due to the fact that there is no need to steam nails before using the milling attachments, they become less dry and brittle over time. In addition, the cuticle grows more slowly, which allows the hands to remain neat and well-groomed for a longer time.

The hardware manicure procedure is offered by many professional masters in salons. However, it is quite possible to perform it at home, choosing a machine for beginners.

Experienced craftsmen use professional sets with a large number of cutter bits. Based on the condition of the hands, the master selects cutters, with the help of which he performs the desired operation. Cutters differ in material of manufacture (silicone, diamond, carbide), shape and are selected depending on the tasks. In the arsenal of a professional nail master, there may be several dozen different cutters, while for home use a set of 2-3 pieces will be enough.

In our catalog you can choose and buy a device for professional and home manicure and pedicure in various configurations and different capacities. Also here you can pick up special cutters, attachments and accessories for hardware manicure. All machines presented in the assortment are of high quality, durability and comfortable to use.

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