How is paraffin therapy useful for hands? Paraffin therapy at home


Over time, the skin on the hands ages. Wrinkles appear and the view is no longer so beautiful. It is quite possible to hide the real age. Unfortunately, using a regular hand cream is no longer enough, additional procedures are needed. Paraffin therapy comes to the rescue.

What is paraffin therapy? The process of detoxification and tissue rejuvenation by means of molten paraffin.

By the way, the procedure has no age restrictions. Paraffin therapy is especially relevant in the cold season for girls of any age. At a time when the cream is unable to provide the required amount of vitamins and moisturizing components, paraffin acts deeper and more efficiently.

Paraffin therapy has many benefits:

  1. moisturizing the skin without weighing it down at the intercellular level;
  2. cleansing pores and removing flaking;
  3. restoration and normalization of the water balance of the skin;
  4. warming up tissues and beneficial effects on joints;
  5. relieving tension and relaxation.

Frequently asked question: “Is paraffin therapy only for hands?”

No. The procedure is also useful for other parts of the body: feet, legs, forearms, etc.

Previously, paraffin therapy was only available in salons. Now, materials are available to everyone. The process can be done independently at home.

We will tell you about all the intricacies and stages of the procedure.

What materials are needed for paraffin therapy?

The procedure requires very little:

  1. paraffin refinery – a device that melts paraffin;
  2. exfoliant gel;
  3. cream for hands or other areas of the body;
  4. mask for hands or other areas of the body;
  5. special paraffin;
  6. a brush for applying the product;
  7. film (food is perfect);
  8. mittens socks or towel.

If you are just starting to understand the process and do not have any materials, we recommend purchasing a paraffin therapy kit. Such kits include all the necessary components for the procedure, and also cost much less than buying each item separately.

Answering the question: “How much does paraffin therapy cost?”

It is difficult to give an exact amount. It all depends on the component: the volume of the paraffin tank; the amount of paraffin; the size of jars with cosmetics; the wax manufacturer also influences the cost.

Paraffin therapy: how to do it at home?

The procedure is very simple, it is really possible to do it even on your own.

  1. Pick up a paraffin tank. There are many devices on the market, the most popular models are: SM-507 for 1.5 liters and BANAFEN with a maximum load of up to 2.5 liters.
  2. Choose paraffin wax. Ordinary material will not work. A product is needed specifically for the paraffin therapy procedure. The fact is that the special paraffin is purified and filtered. Additional moisturizing ingredients and vitamins are added to it.
  3. On the market you can find paraffin wax with different scents and extracts. The most popular brands are GGA Professional, ItalWax and Enjoy.

    The material is sold in different volumes of 500 or 1000 ml.

  4. Immerse the paraffin in the paraffin tank, and connect the device to the mains. The product will melt at 50 ° C. If the device is fully loaded, it will take an hour and a half to melt the entire volume. Consider this fact and put the material warmed up in advance.
  5. Wash and disinfect your hands well. To make the material easier to penetrate into tissues, it is necessary to cleanse the dermis from the old stratum corneum. Use an exfoliating gel. The material gently cleans the surface. At the same time, the action of the remedy is much more effective than from a scrub.
  6. In order to enhance the effect of the procedure, apply a hand mask. Paraffin will open the pores and the nutritional components of the mask will penetrate deeper into the tissue structure.
  7. When the material in the paraffin tank has melted, dip your hands or feet with your toes apart. Lubricate the places that cannot be placed in the device with a brush. Repeat the dive 4-6 times at intervals of 30 seconds.
  8. Do not be afraid that the paraffin will be hot, 50 ° C is an absolutely comfortable temperature for a person. There can be no burn under such conditions.

  9. Wrap the treated area of ​​the body in a film. This will help prevent subsequent accessories from getting dirty.
  10. Pull on mittens, socks, or use a thick towel. This is to improve the thermal effect and keep warm for as long as possible. Let the paraffin work for 15-30 minutes.
  11. When time has passed, remove all accessories, dispose of the film, and peel off the paraffin wax from your hands. It easily falls behind the skin, as it is quite elastic.
  12. To fix the result, apply a hand cream or simply a moisturizing product. It seals the beneficial ingredients and additionally moisturizes the dermis.

The material that remains in the paraffin refinery can be reused. How many times? Until you see cloudiness, discoloration or contamination of the material. If you are doing the procedure for yourself at home, using the same paraffin again is acceptable. When it comes to a salon procedure, a new paraffin wax must be used every time. The point is, you don’t know if clients have skin problems or strokes. It is not worth jeopardizing the health of subsequent clients or your own. Remember, 50 ° C is too low a temperature to kill germs and bacteria.

The paraffin that you have removed from your hands must never be sent back to the device for reuse. He has already given up his beneficial properties and is not useful.

What are the contraindications for paraffin therapy?

In addition to all the advantages, the procedure still has its own contraindications. You should not be given paraffin therapy if you have:

  1. cardiovascular diseases;
  2. diabetes;
  3. hypertension;
  4. varicose veins;
  5. wounds, allergic reactions, rashes, cracks or individual paraffin intolerance.

Where to buy paraffin therapy products?

Due to the narrow focus of the procedure, materials for paraffin therapy are difficult to obtain. We recommend looking for products in online stores. They have a larger assortment and affordable prices.

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