How to choose a file for natural nails


A file is one of the most important tools for a neat manicure. Today the choice of nail files is very large. How to choose the right tool for natural nails that will not spoil the nail plate and will serve you for a long time?

Each nail file is designed for a specific type of work. When choosing, the state of the natural nail plate is taken into account, as well as the result, which is important to achieve at the end of the process. All nail files can be divided into several groups according to certain parameters.

  • by the degree of hardness or abrasiveness;
  • by appointment;
  • by material of manufacture;
  • in shape and size.

Metal files are not very good for brittle nails because they delaminate the nail.

Glass, as a rule, are thick – they are not very convenient to file the free edge near the roller, but they do not delaminate the nail. Well, they are usually a little more expensive than the rest.

Ceramic is convenient to use for rough leather and side bolsters.

The most optimal for natural nails are wooden, plastic and laser files. You can test their convenience by trying all three and choosing the best one for yourself.

The shape of the file does not really matter – this is a matter of your personal preferences.

The most optimal option for natural healthy marigolds in terms of abrasiveness is 240/180, 220/180. For nails thinner than 240-300 grit.

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