18 August 2021

Gel polish is one of the basic materials of the nail industry. There are a huge number of brands on the market, and manufacturers regularly update their assortment. How not to get lost in such a variety and choose a really high-quality gel polish?

There are gel polishes that cure only under UV lamps or only under LED lamps. Other types of varnishes varnishes cure under both types of lamps.

Depending on the amount of funds that the gel combines in itself, there are single-phase, two-phase and three-phase gel varnishes.

Single-phase gel polishes contain a base coat, gel polish and top at the same time. Two-phase – base and varnish or varnish and top. Three-phase, respectively, only one component.

Despite the fact that single-phase gel varnishes are more convenient for the nail master (less time is spent on application), they are less durable in comparison with two- and three-phase gel varnishes.

When choosing a gel polish, it is important to pay attention to the consistency and pigmentation. The texture should not be overly dense, but the gel should not flow immediately after coating.

Pigmentation is also an important parameter that you should pay attention to when choosing a gel polish. It is enough to apply well-pigmented formulations in just 1-2 layers. While for lightly pigmented, at least 3 layers are required.

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