18 August 2021

In this article, we will together look at how to make an imitation of a stone, or rather a marble texture.

For design, we will mix colors from three gel varnishesfor emerald, menthol and dark green colors. It is worth taking a gel polish of the color of rich green as a basis and mixing black, white and turquoise blue in different proportions.

Separately set black, white as they are also needed. Also add a drop matte topas the texture will be applied to the matte top. Any neutral color can be used as a background for a stone, for example, lactic… Apply the background color of the gel polish in one layer. After drying, apply a matte top to the nails where the design will be located.

After the matte top, start painting. First, a dark outline and then change the color to another and apply them end-to-end.

Naturally, we do not do intermediate dryings, but immediately draw the entire texture of the stone. Where the colors do not blend smoothly with each other, add a matte top. Before drying, once again apply a dark green color along the contour and behind this contour add a little dark green mixed with a matte top and send it to dry in a lamp.

Next, after drying, we will apply a matte top with a sticky layer for texture to the drawing. We will make the texture using the file. Apply white gel polish to the palette for dark green color, collect material on a file, and apply colors on the matte top, a very beautiful texture is obtained.

Here it is important to guess where this texture will look, this was the whole difficulty. If you don’t feel like messing around, you can just draw something like marble with white paint lines and it will be much faster. After that we add a little green and send it to dry in a lamp, and so on with each nail on which there will be a design.

Let’s complement our design with a bronze-colored gold leaf. Transfer small pieces to the top along the contour of the drawing. All other nails can be coated with a monochromatic black gel polish.

Covering the leaf top without sticky layer

And we got such a design. It will not take long and will look impressive.