How to remove gel polish at home: checklist


Even if you regularly visit a nail master, a situation may occur when you need to remove the gel polish, but there is no way to get to a specialist. Here’s how to do it at home.

You will need: hard file, sander file, orange stick, cuticle oil.

  1. We remove the length with the hard side of the file (the side without the inscription). In this case, we hold the file motionless, turn only the fingers. The semicircular side of the file is towards the cuticle. Brush off the dust with a lint-free cloth.
  2. We remove the length on the other hand.
  3. We begin to remove the coating with the hard side of the file. Remove the covering near the skin of the cuticle and side ridges with the softer side (with an inscription). We leave a little base, you do not need to remove it completely. To do this, when there is little coverage, turn the file over and process the surface of the nail with its soft side. If there are areas with base detachment, we must cut them down.
  4. Remove the cover on the other hand.
  5. Correct the shape of the nail with the soft side of the file.
  6. Move aside the cuticle with an orange stick, apply cuticle oil.
  7. We take a sanding file. We begin to sand the surface with the hard side. Next – with the soft side of the file.
  8. Rub the remaining oil.
  9. Now you can apply clear or any other varnish.

Keep our recommendations – maybe one day they will be useful to you. And remember: even if you regularly visit the master, stock up at home with a basic manicure set (files, orange stick, cuticle oil, several common varnishes). Then you can definitely be sure that your pens will look neat and well-groomed in any situation.