18 August 2021

Red nail polish is a popular choice that has become a classic. But now many things that seem familiar are acquiring new details. Likewise, the red coating of nails is being transformed this season so that connoisseurs of the classics can wear their favorite color, but not be afraid of what might look boring.
Ideas for manicure with red nail polish.

In fact, to use red polish, you don’t need to take just one shade and completely cover your nails with it. Now there are a huge number of technologies that will diversify the image.
French with red. This idea will interest those who do not want to make their nails too flashy, but still want to see a red tint on them. And for more daring ladies there is an option to make several marigolds with red “smiles”, and completely cover one or two with the same varnish. Also, a jacket can be made with two different red varnishes (for example, a glossy base and matte “smiles”). So you can experiment a little.

Red and gold. This color looks expensive, so the combination with gold is clearly a winning solution. Here you can make a neat scattering of sparkles on a red coating, and a combination of gold varnish with red (for example, on different fingers). It is also permissible to use foil, but the main thing in this option is that it does not look cheap, because then the effect will be lost.
Marble. Such a manicure can add tenderness to the image, because red stains on a white or pink background look very “soft”. And one of the main advantages of such a coating is individuality. After all, each nail will be different from others, which looks quite natural and beautiful. Even red in this technique can be combined with black (for more daring ladies), or add yellow streaks for more variety.

Foam manicure. A very unusual way of applying polish, which creates bubbles on the nails. Now it is quite fashionable and will especially appeal to those who are tired of the familiar flat surface. Moreover, this method is more practical, since it will not cling too much, and may hide some flaws. It is possible not to make bubbles all over the nail, but to fill only some areas. In general, there are a lot of options.
Rhinestones or beads. Rather, it can be called a festive manicure because of the bright red base and eye-catching decorative elements. Of course, you can use them in everyday manicure, if you add very little of them. So a sense of proportion and careful choice are needed here.

Glare. On red, the glare effect looks very harmonious due to the brightness of the color. The only thing to remember is that such a play of colors should look as natural as possible, otherwise it will not seem so beautiful. It is best to use three or four shades that will create the most beautiful transition.
Geometry and patterns. There are certainly no restrictions here. A simple combination of lines, shapes or graceful curls – whatever you want. True, it is best to remember to be careful so that the outline is clear. The smallest error will ruin the whole drawing.
Here are the 2021 trends for red manicure, so you can choose the right option for yourself and be fashionable without fear that others will not appreciate the beauty on your nails.