18 August 2021

Let’s start our article that the upcoming year according to the Eastern calendar will be the year of the metal bull, metal – already speaks for itself in what colors you need to meet everyone the long-awaited year.
Right! The predominant colors will be gray, white and silver.
Any designs for nails (foil, rhinestones, sand, sparkles, etc.) are suitable for jewelry, the main thing is fantasy!

BUT, this does not mean that we will say “no” to bright New Year’s flowers!
Festive nails to be!
And of course, from year to year, red, blue, green and other bright colors associated with the New Year remain popular colors.
Here, the imagination of the master and the desire of the client are also important, various designs and patterns are suitable, for example, such as a spruce twig, a Christmas tree toy, a garland, snowflakes, etc.
A matte top will always help to diversify any manicure.
Well, the master should always have stickers and sliders on a specific topic at hand, firstly, it saves both your time and the client’s time.

For lovers of “nude” there are also many ideas for New Year’s manicure, the main thing here is not to overdo it with sparkles and decorations, everything should be in moderation!

As for the products themselves, now the masters in the purchase are sure to have Top coat with shimmers
Various nail designs, from sliders to various rubbing and rhinestones

Summing up, I would like to give a little advice to the masters☺️
Be sure to ask in what outfits your beloved girls will celebrate the New Year, analyze, advise something and choose colors together.
If “nude” suits absolutely any outfit, then with a bright manicure it is worth “slowing down”, specifying about the client’s outfit
Your clients will definitely appreciate your care and interest in choosing what suits them!