Ombre design – trendy gradient manicure


The ombre design, gradient manicure with smooth transitions, is a real hit this season. Translated from French ombre means “darkened”, which characterizes the essence of this nail art: a smooth transition from dark to lighter color.

Gradient transition can be any – in any shade, vertical or horizontal, diagonal or even circular. In addition, up to 5 shades of different saturation can be used in the ombre design. This manicure looks very impressive.

The main advantage of this nail design is its versatility. It looks equally good on nails of any length and shape, visually lengthening the nail. Color combinations can also be very diverse and fancy – from bright “acidic” to noble pastel shades.

As for the technique of execution, there are several ways to create a gradient. This is done with a sponge, brush, airbrush and even ordinary varnish. Each master chooses the most comfortable technique for him.

It should be noted that neat gradient transitions can be done at home using regular varnish. The techniques are the same. The only caveat is that everything must be done quickly, until the varnish is dry.

We hope you enjoyed the “amber” design manicure idea. And here are a few different versions of this nail art for your inspiration.