18 August 2021

Reverse stamping is a nail design technology in which the pattern is applied to the nail from the reverse side and looks as if it was applied from the wrong side. Thanks to this, such a manicure turns out to be original and unique.

There are several ways to create this kind of design. Let’s talk about one of the simplest techniques – reverse stamping on a stamp.

Tools and materials: transparent and colored gel varnishes for stamping, stamp, brush or dots, a fixer for stamping.

The execution technology is as follows:

  1. Apply colorless varnish to the stamp, dry.
  2. Coat the stamping plate with gel polish.
  3. Transfer the drawing to the stamp.
  4. Using a thin brush, paint in the drawing.
  5. Apply a varnish of the desired color or base to the previously prepared nail plate. Dry a little so that the surface remains sticky.
  6. Transfer the drawing from the stamp to the nail.
  7. Straighten the pattern with a silicone brush or orange stick. Finish the edges, removing any residue with scissors.

That’s it, your original design is ready. Despite the fact that the technology requires thoroughness and accuracy of execution, at the same time it is quite simple. Try, experiment, and you will definitely succeed!

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