18 August 2021

Many women prefer the type of coverage with gel polish… What can be done to make the manicure last longer? We give some useful recommendations.

  1. If you do a manicure in light shades, then the regrown part of the nail will not be conspicuous, and you can go with a manicure for up to 4 weeks.
  2. Do all household chores with rubber gloves – chemical and alcohol-based products will not benefit the gel polish coating.
  3. On the first day after a manicure, it is better to refuse to visit the pool, sauna, and also do all housework with gloves. Otherwise, the gel polish may start to bubble.
  4. The habit of cleaning the dirt under your nails with your nails covered with gel polish is not the most useful one. The coating may crack. Use an orange stick for this.
  5. It is recommended to cover the coating with a last layer of fixing. So it will last much longer.
  6. Between going to manicure, you should not file your nails yourself. To make the coating last longer, the master seals the free edges. Using a file will damage the seals and the coating may crack.

If you do not follow the simple rules of care, even the highest quality gel polish can chip and crack. Follow the simple rules of “exploitation”, and your manicure will delight you for a long time.