18 August 2021

A manicure lamp is an important tool when working with a nail master with gel varnishes. Today manufacturers offer a huge selection of models in various configurations. What should be considered when choosing a lamp for drying gel polish?

The main parameters that you should pay attention to are the type and wattage of the lamp.

The most common types of devices are UV (ultraviolet), LED (light-emitting diode) and combined (UV + LED) lamps. Depending on the model you are working with, you have to select the type of gel polish (in accordance with the manufacturer’s label – for drying in UV, LED, UV + LED).

The power of the lamps can vary from 6 to 72 watts. If the 6-9 W models are quite suitable for home manicure, then they are absolutely unsuitable for working in the salon. In low wattage lamps, it is impossible to dry highly pigmented gel polish. Therefore, it is better for professional craftsmen to give preference to models with a power of 45-72 watts.

You should also pay attention to other parameters. The best option would be a lamp designed to dry nails on the entire hand at the same time. But the size of the device does not really matter. It is determined solely by the preferences of the master. In addition, modern lamp models can be equipped with a timer, a touch trigger mechanism, a built-in fan, and a time display. Which, of course, affects the cost of the device.

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